At Admerix we do not subcontract to other companies or teams. We are not MLV middlemen. Admerix is where the work gets done.

Admerix can...
Troubleshoot complex Asian language issues
Maintain a continuous flow of information and project updates
Complete Desktop Publishing (DTP) requirements to strict schedules
Handle project deviations during the course of production
Handle and implement industry standard XML solutions
Deal with right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Farsi, and Dari

All assignments are performed by linguists who are native speakers of their language. They operate in-country and are accredited translators with at least a Bachelor's Degree and usually a Masters Degree or Doctorate. Their work is then cross edited by experienced proofreaders and professional editors whose fine tuning ensures accuracy, style and consistency in the use of terminology. All of our translators are skilled users of Translation Memory software.

Our editors are responsible for the overall accuracy of a translation. They ensure that there are no misinterpretations or ambiguities in the target text. Editors are also responsible for ensuring that, when
a large team of translators work on a single project, the terminology and style is consistent throughout.

Trained to handle almost any desktop publishing software as well as the latest multimedia publishing software, our DTP specialists can work on PC and Macintosh platforms.


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