Admerix is Your Gateway to Myanmar and the Burmese Language

Pharmaceuticals, telecom, infrastructure, power generation, heavy industry, transport... Myanmar is the final consequential Asian market for localization and translation. Unlike neighboring Laos and Cambodia, Myanmar is a massive market with a population comparable to Thailand or Vietnam.

Like Thailand and Vietnam, Myanmar has a unique language and character set beset with peculiarities that only professional localization can manage for projects of scale.

For Burmese, Admerix can deliver what we always deliver--subject specialists, professional linguists, and industry standard processes--all backed up by veteran project managers.

Admerix has established resources that can produce large-scale Burmese translation and DTP along with all the quality steps and checks one expects for every mainstream language.

When you need corporate-grade Burmese localization, you need to take advantage of the solution and peace of mind that Admerix offers.

Why not contact Admerix and let us support you in this key emerging language?



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